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Wedge Door Stop

Wedge Door Stop

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The Homeware
Forged from construction offcuts, we’ve hand shaped, sanded and waxed this kwila into shape to get it Artefact-ready. 

We’ve dressed our doorstop up in some offcuts from our local tannery, including an Artefact stamped leather strap fastened with brass screws. The green suede bottom adds extra grip (to ensure this door stop does in fact, stop doors) and prevents scratching so your new doorstop won’t end in you needing a new floor!

L 160mm W 60mm H 50mm

The History
After wrestling with hard, brutal construction materials, we were excited to stumble across this waste kwila! Soft, easy, pliable. The perfect contender to forge our latest Artefact from. Or so we thought…

We had aspirations to create a lemon juicer, but quickly realised our $12 Bunnings saw and handyman abilities weren’t quite up to standard (we should have paid more attention in woodwork class!)

So we took influence from the popular saying: When life gives you (a failed) lemon juicer, make a door wedge. So we’ve done exactly that.

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