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Tile Soap Dish

Tile Soap Dish

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The Homeware
Every soap bar needs a sidekick, and we think this Artefact is what your soap is longing for.

This simple, low-profile soap dish is fashioned from a recycled tile. Grooves wick away moisture, ensuring your soap stays dry and goes the distance.

The non-porous tiles are sturdy and resistant to mould, and the four silicon feet elevate the soap dish to prevent any accidental scratches to your surfaces. Great next to the sink in bathrooms and kitchens alike (we even trialled ours on the floor of our shower – works a treat).

The History
These tiles came from a lovely woman who was giving her outdoor area a makeover, so alas, these tiles were no longer needed. We loved the earthy tones and saw their potential for a second life in your home!

Dimensions: L 115mm W 90mm H 10mm

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