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Tile Coaster Set

Tile Coaster Set

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The Homeware
Do you like drinks? Do you fear of damaging your surfaces? Well, we have just the thing.

The tile coaster set is our simplest Artefact yet. It does what it says on the box (box not included): Protects your surfaces, holds drinks (hot AND cold) and would look great on your coffee table. The front of the tile wasn’t quite innkeeping with the Artefact look, so it got demoted to the underside, with the back finally getting its time in the limelight - we were fascinated by the snake-skin-like texture which looks even better finished in our signature olive green paint.

Set of 4
Each coaster measures:
L 100mm W 100mm H 10mm

The History
There’s always a risk buying things online, and we most certainly got catfished by these tiles.

Another marketplace find, these tiles looked promising in the photo, but soon after lugging these very heavy, ant infested tiles home we realised they were in fact, ugly.

What to do…? We didn’t like the finished face, but we were fascinated by the intricate snake-skin like back texture. So after dealing with our newfound ant colony and adding a coat of olive paint, we think they are looking pretty good! Catfish averted!

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