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Grid Tile Coaster Set

Grid Tile Coaster Set

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The Homeware
This Artefact is a spin-off of our popular tile soap dish. Similarly fashioned from recycled tiles, these beauties keep your surfaces pristine and the earthy toned tile finish doesn’t look bad in the process!

As well as looking good, the grid pattern prevents the dreaded ‘take-the-coaster-with-it-syndrome’ every time your reach for your drink, (as well as being great for a spontaneous game of noughts and crosses).

Hand painted and stamped, each coaster is finished with a set of non-slip feet to keep your surfaces scratch free.

So pour yourself a coffee and/or a wine and give them a go!

Set of 4

Each coaster measures:
L 80mm W 80mm H 10mm

The History
These tiles came from a lovely woman who was giving her outdoor area a makeover, so alas, these tiles were no longer needed. We loved the earthy tones and saw their potential for a second life in your home!

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