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Shard Candle Holder

Shard Candle Holder

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Beeswax Candle (Color)

The Homeware
Introducing our OG Artefact, the Shard candleholder. We reckon it’s the best darn one-third of a brick you’ll ever buy. Forged from bricks destined for landfill, the Shard is meticulously hand-shaped in all the right places. We then drill a cup to make room for a New Zealand made beeswax candlestick which is secured in place with a steel pricket. We finish the bottom with a layer of our signature olive paint, Artefact stamp, and add rubber feet as a final thoughtful addition to keep your surfaces scratch-free.

The Shard’s striking silhouette will look right at home next to your bed, on a side table, or accompanying you during a well- deserved bath. Or couple/throuple them up – they work great in a set.

Need more candles? Add a beeswax candlestick bundle to your order to keep the flame burning.

Due to our handmade production method, each Shard will vary in form.

The History
Turns out you can fit more bricks in the back of a Mazda CX-5 than you would think. These bricks were up for grabs on the condition that it was all or nothing! We love a challenge so took them all (Shard anyone?). The bricks were in quite the state when we got them (as were we, honestly) having come straight out of the walls of a house renovation in Mt Wellington. But look at them now!

Approximate Dimensions (excluding candle)
H 90mm  W 110mm   L 110mm

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