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Incense Holder Limestone

Incense Holder Limestone

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The Homeware
Simplicity wins with this Artefact. This sturdy, blocky incense holder is forged from white brick with a speckled finish reminiscent of limestone. We’ve drilled a hole to hold your incense snug, and finished them off with a lick of paint and an Artefact stamp for good measure.

The History
Like many things in life, this Artefact was a bit of a happy accident. These white bricks were initially within a haul from East Auckland destined to become Shard Candleholders. But after Ant almost got RSI trying to crack these overly stubborn bricks, it quickly became apparent they were suited to a more simple form.

9 available.

Approximate dimensions:
L 60mm W 20mm H 40mm

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