We’re shifting to Beeswax

We’re shifting to Beeswax

Who here hates bees? Not us. But we do steal their wax.

We spend hours hand crafting our Artefacts, so we want to make sure the candles included with our holders are equally considered. That’s why we’ve made the move from paraffin candles to New Zealand made beeswax candles.

Our new candles are made in Wellington by National Candles. These guys have been making candles for over 100 years, so they sure know how to make a good candle!

We know you love a range of colours, so our new beeswax candles are available in 3 colorways, as well as au-natural for the purists among us. We think they look delicious, and they smell even delicious-er.

Initially launching exclusively with our Sand Shard, and soon to roll out across our entire range. We have also optimised our shipping rates, so getting a 6 pack candle bundle delivered to your door has never been easier (or cheaper!). 

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