Artefact Packaging Update

Artefact Packaging Update

You probably already know our Artefacts are handmade from recycled building materials, but sadly a lot of waste still ends up in our landfills. Not cute!

Our effort to create sustainable objects would be in vain if our packaging didn’t follow a similar ethos. So, we have been refining our product packaging to do our bit.

Our packages are now sent enclosed in a home compostable sleeve, and our boxes, honeycomb wrap, paper tape and kraft paper cushioning is both recyclable and compostable.

Image depicting Artefact packaging

We are not perfect – and as with a lot of packaging out there, you will still have to remove the courier label and adhesive stickers before composting or recycling our packaging, but the dream is to have compostable or recyclable and we are heading in the right direction.

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